In its 13th year, the IPCC Digital Games kicked off for 2018 in April with 30 companies submitting entries for the Game Prototype category.

A Workshop to help Prep the Companies

All companies were invited for a full day workshop on 25th May 2018 to groom them with the relevant knowledge in preparation for the IPCC pitching session.   The workshop was lead by with P’ng Yiwei, CEO and founder of Kurechii, an indie studio that has released award winning titles such as the King’s  League series and Postknight.   Starting with only a background in multimedia design, Yiwei has tirelessly learned and worked to create refreshing games for players around the world to enjoy.   Now, Yiwei manages both the creative side of the studio as well as the technical, publishing and business aspects.   In addition to this, Yiwei also lectures at a local college on UX and game development.

A total of 50 persons attended the workshop that covered the following topics…

  • Game-Killing Key Factors
  • Determining Price Points
  • Best Game Ideas For Your Team
  • Keeping A Team Together & Completing A Game
  • Making Game Design Decisions
  • Workflow Priority
  • Developing A Marketable Game
  • That ONE Tip to Win IPCC!


Workshop with P’ng Yiwei, CEO and founder of Kurechii in session.

Yiwei handling Q&As during the workshop from participants really set on winning 2018’s IPCC!


The 2018 IPCC Digital Games (Game Prototype) Pitch Session

Armed with this brand new knowledge, the companies were then required to pitch their game ideas at a pitching session on 28th & 30th May 2018 which would determine who amongst them would be the 10 winners awarded RM10,000 grant to develop their game prototype within a 2 months duration.

After two days of pitching, the winners for 2018 IPCC Digital Games (Game Prototype) were announced and they are….

  • Jumping Meow by Gamelobb Berhad
  • Showdown 2.0 by ForLoop Studios Sdn Bhd
  • Super Girl Manager by Xhinobi Sdn Bhd
  • Grand Theft Dungeon by Spacepup Entertainment
  • The Art of Luna by Double Z Studio
  • Ageless by Bala Vicknesh A/L S.Ravichanthiran
  • Project Front by Ifio Studio
  • Galaxy Titan by Pixels Tail Sdn Bhd
  • Rokudo by Heaven Tales Entertainment
  • Triberout by Creative Instinct Game House


Watching other people pitch can sometimes be a powerful learning platform too for the game companies!

You know you’re in VERY good hands when MDEC’s VP of Creative Content and Technologies is more excited than you are at winning the IPCC !

Up next, the Commercial Ready Game Category of IPCC Digital Games will be open in July 2018.  All finalist from this Game Prototype category are encouraged to submit their games for this follow up category where RM50,000 is up for grabs for the development of commercial ready games!   So do keep a lookout for the call for submission on our Facebook and LEVEL UP MY website.

For more photos :

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About the IPCC Digital Games

The IPCC Digital Games is a yearly competition where Malaysian game developers can submit their game ideas or commercial ready games for an opportunity to win grants to develop their ideas into a working game prototype or to commercialise their games.

Winners will be awarded up to RM10,000 each to support development of their game prototype and RM50,000 each for the development of their commercial ready games.  This grant is designed to encourage game entrepreneurship in the industry and provide support in IP creation for fresh and young game companies!

For more info on IPCC, go here.


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