Getting Started with Unreal Engine Workshop

A huge turnout of 220 participants at Asia Pacific University on 4th June 2018 for the Getting Started with Unreal Engine workshop!  The participants, ranging from the games industry, animation industry, hobbyists and students signed up for a live training tutorial where participants get to learn the basics of creating their first project in Unreal Engine.

The workshop, conducted by Chris Murphy of Epic Games, saw the participants learning the basics of creating a game from starter content using the UE4 Blueprint visual scripting system.

Topics covered include project setup, controller setup, importing assets, building materials, creating character classes, creating AI, navigation, blending animation, spawning enemies, maintaining game state, and configuring in-game UI. In addition to this, design principles, blueprint debugging and performance optimization techniques were also covered.

Chris Murphy of Epic Games all set for the workshop although he looks more ready to launch himself into space!

Pretty packed like a can of sardines cos there’s a lot of interest in the Unreal Engine!


Technical Art & VFX with Unreal Engine 4 Workshop

The next day, Chris led another live training tutorial for 120 participants at LEVEL UP Inc on Technical Art & VFX with Unreal Engine 4.  In this workshop, participants were exposed to a series of advanced techniques for creating environments and effects in UE4.

Meant for participants with basic experience using UE4, the workshop builds upon fundamentals to demonstrate how to develop effects, level tools and enhance the participants’ existing projects.

Topics covered include: Landscapes, Foliage, Advanced Material Techniques, Procedural spline tools, particle effects, GPU particle effects, material tesselation, advanced material masking, world position effects and volumetric fog.

Chris Murphy rocking another live training tutorial but this time, covering Technical Art & VFX with Unreal Engine 4


Wow this workshop is totally at another level compared yesterdays!

Because you can have your pizza and continue your live tutorial too!

Finally! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel…!

Or just being Malaysians and happy to have food!

The LEVEL UP team is currently in discussion with Epic Games for future support on Unreal Engine trainings and workshops in Malaysia. Stay tuned to our facebook page and the LEVEL UP MY website for more announcements!

For More Photos :

Getting Started with Unreal Engine Workshop

Technical Art & VFX with Unreal Engine 4 Workshop

About Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy is an Evangelist for Epic Games and founder of Pub Games, an independent Australian game developer, with game development credits across PC, Vive, Oculus, PS4, iOS and Android. Chris has over 10 years of experience with Unreal Engine, a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Bachelor of Multimedia, culminating in a broad skillset across a range of game development disciplines. Chris’ role as Evangelist for Epic Games is to help independent game developers build successful games with Unreal Engine 4 through support, training and education.

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