All you need to know about the Malaysian game industry!


All you need to know about the Malaysian game industry!

LEVEL UP MY is a one stop centre for all things games related in Malaysia & the Southeast Asia region.



  • Provide information on the latest happenings in the Malaysian & Southeast Asian games industry.
  • A platform for anyone wishing to get into or collaborate with the Southeast Asia games industry.
  • A communication platform for all players in the games industry to connect to the industry.
  • Skill up talents in the industry by running various programmes and activities such as LEVEL UP Apprentice, LEVEL UP @Schools, Masterclass Workshops & Game Dev Hangouts amongst others.
  • Support a robust games industry eco-system for Malaysia & the Southeast Asia region through partnerships & collaboration with partners across the eco-system.



  • A healthy & thriving games industry eco-system in the Southeast Asia region.
  • Connecting the game community together encompassing every part of the industry from design, development, publishing, marketing, distribution or retail all the way through to media, freelancers and students.


Invest in Malaysia

As the world’s fastest growing games region and the 8th largest games market in the world, Southeast Asia is today a key battleground for global players in the games space. And Malaysia provides the best value for expanding your games business throughout SEA!

Malaysia is an ideal landing zone into the SEA market thanks to its strong gaming culture, publishers with regional reach, strong online connectivity and SEA payment infrastructure and English being widely spoken all over the country!


In 4 short years, LEVEL UP KL has become Southeast Asia’s premier industry event for game developers!  With the objective of bringing together both local and international players to the regional game development scene in Southeast Asia, LEVEL UP KL also provides a platform for players in the industry to interact, learn and share knowledge.


MALAYSIA’S games production incubator & hub

Fully equipped with a high-end game lab and boasts an impressive regional and corporate partnership including Google, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Unity Technologies, Discovery Nusantara Capital, Nitro.Live, Tokyo Contents Incubation Center and Media Prima Labs.

Corporate Partnerships & Collaboration

We are constantly looking for diverse and global partnerships with industry players in building a solid games industry eco-system for Malaysia and the Southeast Asia region.

We currently have partnerships in place with players across the eco-system from Incubation, development to commercialisation partners such as Sony Interactive, S&E, TSI, TCIC, TSA, Media Prima and most of the game associations in Southeast Asia.

To collaborate, contact us today

Business Development Support

Meet our companies!

As part of what we offer, we connect you to our companies & help broaden your business base today.

Our companies include 30 global game start-ups having accelerated from Malaysia, thereby successfully positioning Malaysia as a Game Hub.

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Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC)

A creative content competition to spur local Intellectual Properties in games & animation!

Open to amateurs and professionals from the creative multimedia industry, IPCC was initiated in 2006 as a creative content competition to act as a catalyst for local talents to penetrate both the local and global digital content market with their own IPs!

Esports & Healthy Gaming

With Esports being a multi-billion dollar industry & Malaysians being quite successful in this front and a growing games industry, LEVEL UP MY is creating awareness on Healthy Gaming – that playing games is not a bad thing, and can instead help students with critical thinking and competitiveness!

The plan is to highlight role models from the gaming community, creating a framework for a safe area for gamers such as Kitamen’s gaming outlets and Esports centres and lastly, to build the right media perception and awareness on gaming.

With collaborations announced with Kitamen, LEVEL UP MY plans to further collaborate with partners &  ecosytem players to see how everyone can work together in creating the right environment towards healthy gaming.

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We skill up talents in the industry by running various programmes and activities such as…

LEVEL UP Apprentice

A 3 month programme open to IHL students & graduates to provide them with business entrepreneurship & technical production training by industry leaders.  Participants will graduate with their product ready for investment and regional competition and they will also be guided in running their own start-up in the games industry!

The best will be invited to LEVEL UP INC

To learn more about LEVEL UP APPRENTICE, contact us today.

LEVEL UP @ Schools

A programme designed for school students to cultivate their interest & create future talent in the games industry!

As part of this program, teachers & student ambassadors are trained to promote & introduce the game creation process & skill sets in schools, create projects for the Annual National Games Creation Competition at the Digital Maker Fair and receive awards, recognition & prizes plus visits to local and international games industry studios.

To learn more about LEVEL UP @ Schools, contact us today.

Masterclass Workshops

LEVEL UP MY also holds workshops with the game industry’s best and  experts in their fields such as game design, concept art, VR to name a few!

To learn more, contact us today.

Game Dev Community Support

LEVEL UP MY works together with IGDA to create a healthy community of Game Developers!

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